#28: interconnected + isolated

This past week or so has felt heavy... isolating, all-consuming, confusing, scary, but most starkly, it has felt uncertain. I've struggled with the concept of tuning in vs. tuning out from what's going on politically during this time... stuck between the sometimes out-of-touch rhetoric of self-care through difficult moments (ie. just putting on a face … Continue reading #28: interconnected + isolated

#27: break through the news

Hi everyone! This week we're talking the state of the Democratic 2020 Presidential Nomination -- how the field has narrowed to Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders + what we can look for next. I touch on the intersection between Coronavirus and xenophobia -- how we may see trends of eco-facism take hold as climate change … Continue reading #27: break through the news

#26: get in, we’re voting

Hi everyone! I've been feeling immensely inspired by Bernie Sanders and all of the volunteers, campaign staffers, activists, etc. supporting his campaign. I haven't felt this confident about the possibility for progressive reforms to happen in this country in a long time. Democrats have been celebrating "wins" like Beto O'Rourke's Senate race, Stacey Abrams' run … Continue reading #26: get in, we’re voting

#25: off your shoulders

Hi everyone! These two weeks I have been focusing on taking weight off my shoulders that isn't serving me, but instead has been holding me back. Knowing when to push yourself and cut yourself slack is tricky balance to strike, one which I've frankly taken time to develop as a 21 year-old. I find a … Continue reading #25: off your shoulders

#24: take a chance (on yourself)

Happy Sunday! Today's newsletter will be a little different, more narrowly tailored on two issues than my previous ones. Two of my most urgent concerns and passions I think about each and every day are climate change and the 2020 Presidential election. Thus, I want to channel my energy into working on these two issues.I'll be … Continue reading #24: take a chance (on yourself)

#22: on + on

Hi everyone! Hope you're feeling energized and ready to head into the new year, a new decade, as well. I'm not one to do overarching "new year" resolutions, but I've definitely taken time to reflect on where I am now, how far I've come this past year, and where I want to be at a … Continue reading #22: on + on

#21: feel the fear

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my newsletter -- sorry for the lack of content here. I've been really focused on finishing up this semester of college at NYU. I feel so inspired now that all of that stress is over, back to write and share what excites me with you. I've been thinking a lot … Continue reading #21: feel the fear

#19: within the contradictions

I've been feeling pretty confused with who I am lately -- perplexed by my own internal contradictions and external lifestyle, causing me to question my moral compass. As many of you know, I'm very engaged with politics. I'm always thinking about big world problems at a fast-speed, engaging with conversations on how we can change … Continue reading #19: within the contradictions