Politics, Veganism, Sustainability, Eating Disorder Recovery, and more with Kate Glavan: Talk here a lot about NYU, politics for the digital generation, veganism, climate change, eating disorder recovery, NYC sustainability tips, and more!

Introduction to Politics In Your 20s with Kate Glavan: Twenty Nothing Podcast Talking about politics, climate change, and being young!

In this episode, Kiara chats with Kate Glavan, a 20-something New Yorker studying politics at NYU. We discuss entry points to politics for Gen-Zs, how Climate Change and the Green New Deal are intrinsically linked to race, gender, and socioeconomic political issues, and how the current pandemic has shifted the lens of the 2020 election in the media.”

Standing in Her Power Podcast – Where I talk about perfectionism, ED + diet culture, societal pressures on women, and how to ask for help in times of struggle.

Bloodmilk Women: Self-Taught – Kate Glavan – Where I talk about the power of being in touch with your hormones as a woman.

“First off, there needs to be better education from the ground up. The Trump Administration has rolled back a lot of sex ed, accompanied by a lot of push back from the Religious Right to include Biblical teachings rather than science. Teaching people that learning about hormones and their bodies goes against the Bible is, in my opinion, a very regressive measure.

Women of color also struggle most in this country with gaining access to healthcare─specifically reproductive healthcare. Legislatively, there needs to be more to provide access to reproductive healthcare. I would love to see a new health care package after the 2020 election that helps more women. I wish there would be more bipartisan compromise to push that forward. I would really love women’s healthcare to be viewed through more of an intersectional lens to help more women of color and those in minority communities.”

WearIsSheNow: Kate Glavan

A sweet interview featuring me up on WearIsSheNow — which you can read above!

“In a world where it often seems that women must choose between style and intelligence, it’s not everyday we see someone so effortlessly and fearlessly vying for both. That is until you meet Kate Glavan. She is perhaps the most fashionable future Lawyer you could ever hope to know. She’s a sustainability supporter and a power suit partisan and one to keep your eye on because in a few years, she might just save the planet. Keep reading for her thoughts on pantsuits, running shoes and taking chances.”

It’s an Easy Ride to a Sustainable Lifestyle: Check out this video I filmed with Citi Bike and Global Citizen as a promotion on environmentalism ahead of their annual Global Citizen festival.

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