#18: your knowledge is your power

reclaim your knowledge and experiences. a theme i’ve been thinking about a lot in my life — and trying to lead with — is intuition. it’s really challenging to follow your gut when what’s in front of you doesn’t seem clear, life doesn’t follow your linear projection, or your goals get clouded by external factors … Continue reading #18: your knowledge is your power

#4: with what arises

"it is not about what you feel, but it is about connecting with what arises." Hi everyone! Welcome back to my weekly roundup of news, recipes, songs, podcasts, and things that I've been doing. Thank you all for the great feedback on my last newsletter, playing dress-up. It was so much fun for me to make a crazy mess while going through my wardrobe and edit such … Continue reading #4: with what arises

#3: playing dress-up

Something childlike, something messy, something to document how you've changed... Welcome back everyone! It's recently been on my mind to change what's turned into a practical habit: waking up and putting on the same outfits. I've felt fully disconnected from my own presentation, space, and creativity. I want the act of dressing-up each morning to … Continue reading #3: playing dress-up

Back To School Loobook

Back to school!!! No, I'm not excited to end my summer break. However, I understand that some of my classmates are probably planning their "first day" outfits. I thought that I should try to help! Today, I have three looks that all feature layers for different climates and showcase unique pieces. The looks cross over … Continue reading Back To School Loobook

July Lookbook

Hi everyone! Today I'll be feauturing new clothing I've picked up over the course of July. Pretty much everything, besides accessories and shoes, was either bought or thrifted this month.  My biggest styling dilemma in an extremely hot July has been how to dress for a dinner out when it's freezing inside the restaurant, but … Continue reading July Lookbook