#27: break through the news

Hi everyone! This week we're talking the state of the Democratic 2020 Presidential Nomination -- how the field has narrowed to Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders + what we can look for next. I touch on the intersection between Coronavirus and xenophobia -- how we may see trends of eco-facism take hold as climate change … Continue reading #27: break through the news

#26: get in, we’re voting

Hi everyone! I've been feeling immensely inspired by Bernie Sanders and all of the volunteers, campaign staffers, activists, etc. supporting his campaign. I haven't felt this confident about the possibility for progressive reforms to happen in this country in a long time. Democrats have been celebrating "wins" like Beto O'Rourke's Senate race, Stacey Abrams' run … Continue reading #26: get in, we’re voting

#24: take a chance (on yourself)

Happy Sunday! Today's newsletter will be a little different, more narrowly tailored on two issues than my previous ones. Two of my most urgent concerns and passions I think about each and every day are climate change and the 2020 Presidential election. Thus, I want to channel my energy into working on these two issues.I'll be … Continue reading #24: take a chance (on yourself)

#22: on + on

Hi everyone! Hope you're feeling energized and ready to head into the new year, a new decade, as well. I'm not one to do overarching "new year" resolutions, but I've definitely taken time to reflect on where I am now, how far I've come this past year, and where I want to be at a … Continue reading #22: on + on

#21: feel the fear

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my newsletter -- sorry for the lack of content here. I've been really focused on finishing up this semester of college at NYU. I feel so inspired now that all of that stress is over, back to write and share what excites me with you. I've been thinking a lot … Continue reading #21: feel the fear

#18: your knowledge is your power

reclaim your knowledge and experiences. a theme i’ve been thinking about a lot in my life — and trying to lead with — is intuition. it’s really challenging to follow your gut when what’s in front of you doesn’t seem clear, life doesn’t follow your linear projection, or your goals get clouded by external factors … Continue reading #18: your knowledge is your power

#15: feeling powerless

I knew that I needed to start writing and researching my newsletter outline. I put it off for a day, then another day... then a week. It's not that I haven't been reading the news, or finding things to share and speak out about, but rather the opposite: I didn't feel I have anything meaningful … Continue reading #15: feeling powerless

#13: in the back of your mind

I’m starting to learn it’s okay to fall in love with too much, all at once, and push to explore it another day.  I have all of this creative energy in the back of my mind, being tabled for another moment when I know what it is I want to create. I feel in a … Continue reading #13: in the back of your mind

#12: for the common good

Something struck me while reading this passage below on citizenship ideals by Thomas Jefferson. I don't want to get stuck on the label of citizen.. but there's something true about the performative act of being a citizen or community member, what it demonstrates about your character. In this context, it was about the great integrity … Continue reading #12: for the common good

#11: in the weeds

Although sometimes I feel so empowered by the power of social media in the digital age to foster connections, it can feel quite removed to be sharing politics, news, and information across Instagram or even this blog. I circle back to this deep feeling that I'm wasting my time shouting into the void. Despite those … Continue reading #11: in the weeds